Top 7 weird and insane Body modification people do.

Body modification is when someone intentionally alter’s one’s physical appearance through peircing, scarification and other means.

Body modification has gotten to the extreme now, people go through different painful procedures to get some of this things done. People have embraced body modification as a trend and is now seen as a normal thing but to some parts of the world they are seen as being crazy.

Others have taken there’s to the very extreme which has now become like an addiction to them.

Below are some trending but yet weird body enhancements that are becoming popular.

Tongue splitting

The art of splitting the tongue is becoming very popular now, people split their tongue into two equal halves from the center through surgical means and then stitched individually. Tongue splitting gives the tongue a forked appearance. Wound might take weeks to heal completely. People split their tongue for different reasons known to them, to some it is said to help in increase the sexual drive during kissing and foreplay, others do it just for the fun of it.

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The art of tattooing the skin is not a new practice anymore, it has been on for decades now. Then in the past, people draw tattoos as a means of identity, your tattoo tells what particular tribe you belong to. Getting a tattoo done is quite a very painful process because it involves puncturing the skin using a special type of needle, after then it is filled with ink. Whether your tattoo to telling a story about any event that might have happened in the past, or you are getting a tattoo just for the fun of getting one done, or it might be for its beauty, to some people tattooing their skin has become like an addiction.

Corset peircing

I don’t know why people will want to go through series of painful procedures to get this done but the result are beautiful. Corset piercing involves piercing the body several times around the back following a pattern. Piercing wound takes longer time to heal and after then ribbons are passed through the skin. This piercing is mostly done at the back and tigh. Other than Beaty of it, it also helps improve sensitivity around the skin during sex.

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Subdermal implant

People go as far as getting horns and spikes implanted on their head and other parts of their body such as their head, arm, and face. They inject silicone implants under the epidermis layer of the skin. People do this for decorative purposes.


People these days are getting really addicted to getting parts of their body pierced. The pierced holes are stretched by wearing plates or disks of different sizes, and weights are worn on the ears to strech out the skins there by creating very large holes. Body parts such as the ear, nose, lips and cheeks are the most frequent parts being pierced.

Scleral tattooing

This type of tattooing the whiter part of the eye which is known as the sclera. Colored ink is black is injected into the sclera. This procedure is a very dangerous process because it can cause permanent damage to the eye which might result in blindness. In some countries it has been banned due to how very dangerous the procedure is.

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Scarification involves creating scars on your skin either by taking up a thicker portion of the skin off by scratching or burning. Scars are very painful because it involves cutting a particular design into your skin. Wounds can take up longer periods to heal completely leaving behind a beautiful design on the skin. Scarification can be dangerous sometimes as surface wounds might become infected.

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