As a yoruba bride or a wedding guest your traditional outfit can’t be complete with out your gele headgear.

The act of tieing gele to an occasion is very common amongst West Africans. Gele is not only worn by brides and her guests but can be worn for various occasions.

It can be worn on several outfits from iro and Abuba, to skirt and blouse to gowns of different materials. Also, It can be rocked with either Ankara, Aso Oke and lace materials.

The African headgear can be tied in different styles and designs too. But however there are Different styles that can suit different faces.

So how do you know what style of gele is best for your face shape?

Origin of the gele

The word Gele originates from the yoruba culture. Gele which refers to a woman’s head wrap. It is mostly worn by the yoruba brides on their wedding day.

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The wearing of gele is not only common to just the yorubas but also to the other ethnic groups. Such as the igbos and some other tribes too.

This headgear is being tied in such a way that it compliments the beauty of the person wearing it. The headgear is skillfully folded into several folds and pleats forming several designs.

Types of Gele headgear styles

Below is a full details on the different types and styles of gele headgear there are

  • Causal gele
  • Infinity pleats
  • Side rose gele
  • Rose gele
  • Butterfly gele
  • Sego gele
  • Satin silk gele
  • Twisted gele
  • Fan gele
  • Twisted fan gele
  • Bow gele
  • Pleated Gele
  • Slay Mama Gele
  • Ankara Gele
  • Turban Gele
  • V Shaped Gele

Do and donts when deciding on what gele style to rock

If you happen to have more of a rounder face shape it is advisable not to go for round gele

For those who have a long face you are advised to go for a round shaped gele as UT compliments your look

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When choosing the right color of gele for your look go for colors that compliment the colour on your dress.

Photo gallery of some common gele headgear styles invoke today

Ankara gele
source : Pinterest
Satin rose gele.
Source : Pinterest
Fan gele.
Source : Pinterest
Satin gele.
Source : Pinterest
Fan gele.
Source : Pinterest
V Shaped Gele.
Source : Pinterest
Rose gele.
Source : Pinterest
Rose gele.
Source : Pinterest
Fan gele.
Source : Pinterest
V Shaped Gele.
Source : Pinterest
Multiple pleat gele.
Source : Pinterest
Pleated Gele.
Source : Pinterest

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