Types of Underwears for Women and What To Wear With Them


Women underwears comes in different shapes, cuts as well as functionalities.
These underwears are also peculiar to different outfits for optimum results.

This article describes 9 different types of underwears and how to combine effectively on various outfits.

1 Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are a feminine version of men’s boxers and are super comfortable.
They are rectangular and provide full coverage to your booty. They go a little below your hip, unlike your regular panties.
They are super-comfortable.

Boyshorts underwear

What to wear them with;

a Wear these with skirts,
b Wear with trousers,
c Wear with your flared dresses.

2. Thongs
They are one of the most sought after undies for most women as they don’t have to worry about the pantyline.
Thongs come with a waistband like regular panties, but have a very narrow string that runs from the front to the rear.

They are the perfect underwear type to wear with outfits where the bump of your panty line can ruin the outfit. 

What to Wear them with;
b)white jeans
c)bodycon dresses
e) pencil skirts

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3. G-String

It is a fancy variant of thongs just that it has no waistband.
They have thin strings instead of the regular waistband and a very narrow coverage for the pantyline.

You have to get used to it to be perfectly comfortable with this type of underwear. 

G strings

What to Wear them with;
a) swimwear
b) shorts
c) bodycon dresses
d) Leggings

4 Classic Briefs
These are the regular female underwear; the ones you buy in a pack of three or five.
They are standard, soft and comfortable panty that works best as an everyday essential for women and the waistband rests on or a little below your belly button.

You can pair them with mostly anything as long as your outfit is not body-hugging because that would put your panty lines on display. 

What to Wear them with;
a) Any outfit.

Classic brief underwears

5 Bikini Panties

Just as the name goes, it is a part of the swimwear segment. They come in soft, flowing fabrics like lace, satin, silk and jersey and provide moderate coverage.

They are a mix between the regular briefs and a thong.

What to Wear them with;
a) As a bikini pair

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Bikini panties

6 Hipsters

They are a mix between bikini and boyshorts.
They are low rise with waistband going around the hip.
They give you good coverage, and come with bikini-like leg holes.
They go with almost everything.


What to Wear them with;
a) Any outfit.

7 High-Waisted Briefs

A lot of women do not like the extra flab that bulges out when they wear low lying panties, so high-waisted briefs are their best friends.

They give you good coverage, sit above your belly button, provide shape to your body, and are incredibly comfortable.

High waisted briefs

What to Wear them with;
a) Any outfit.

8. French Cut

This panties are also known as high-cut panties. They are a slightly different variant of the classic briefs and they provide similar coverage.
The waistband sits on the belly button, but the leg holes are near the hip, and thus do not provide full coverage for the hips.
They go perfectly well with high-waist jeans. 

French cut underwear

What to Wear them with;
a) Any outfit.

9 Seamless

Unlike other types of underwear, they do not have stitches on them neither do they have a thick border and they come in really soft fabrics like satin, silk and jersey.

Hence, this makes them perfect for every dress.  

They come in all types like hipsters, French cuts, high-waisted, etc. and are for women who are not comfortable with the idea of thongs or G-strings.

What to Wear them with;
a) Any outfit.

Seamless underwear

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