Uncommon weird ingredients used in some beauty products today


Have you ever wondered what type of unusual things that are added to most of your beauty products. Far from the most common ingredients such as eggs, milk, honey, alover and the likes you will be surprised to find out some weird but yet disgusting things that are used in the cosmetic industry today.

  1. Bird droppings

Have you once experienced bird’s pop dropping down from the sky and ruining your clothes on a perfect day. Now imagine adding birds pop to your beauty regime, how very disgusting right? The nightingale bird also called songbird is a very notorious bird known for its powerful and beautiful songs, other than its very noisy nature the bird is also very famous for its pop,which contains nitrogen-rich urea and guanine used in most facial cleansers and moisturizers. It is belived that their droppings cleanse the skin, binds moisture to the skin, adds glow to your skin and, helps make your skin feel very hydrated. The songbirds pop is the Main Ingredient in Geisha Facials today a popular expensive and uncommon facial treatment done in some spa’s.

2. Fish scales

Fish scales are now been used a lot in beauty products due to their shimmery effect when being exposed to light. Fish scales are now being used in shimmery makeup like lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadows, according to beauty experts the scale helps add a shimmery effect to many cosmetics. It has also been known to help hide blemishes on the skin too.

3. Beetle shells

Other than a good pout there is this confidence that comes with you wearing red lipstick. My boss once mentioned that she likes red lipsticks because it makes her teeth looks whiter lol… if only she knew it’s constituents. A major ingredient to most modern red lipsticks is Carmine made from the exoskeletons of bettles that have undergone a chemical reaction. It gives red lipsticks a very gorgeous shade.

4. Snake venom

Did you at any point in your life ever picture using snake venom as part of your beauty regime. Not to freak you out Snake venom contains a synthetic compound called tripeptide that helps to inhibit muscle contractions which can, over time, lead to the formation of wrinkles and lines. In some cases Snake venom is now used in place of botox as face and lip fillers.

5. Sewage extract

Excretes from your soak away both solid and liquid waste are now been used in some skincare products. This can be very disgusting to you but not to the Koreans. It is said to be that Sewage extracts are a very good skin exfoliant. It is being used as a gentle, effective method to strengthen skin and slough away dead skin cells.

6. Pig collagen

Pigs are often regarded as one of the dirtiest animals but facts have it that pigs are infact one of the cleanest animals. A secretion from the skin called collagen mostly gotten from pigs extract is used in many lipstick and skincare products. It is said to have some anti-aging properties that make you look younger and more vibrant.

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7. Chilly pepper oil

Most girls love to have a plum and more fuller lips like Kyle’s but if being told to apply hot pepper on them most of them will pass. Well, It has been documented that hot ingredient like hot pepper oil is frequently added to lip plummers to help boost blood circulation for that fuller look. That is the reason why some lip plummers have this tingly sensation whenever you coat your lips with them.

8. Snail slime

If you are a lover of Korean films you will sometimes wish your skin was as smooth as theirs. Today snail slim is a major key ingredient used most creams, cleansers, moisturizers, and other beauty products. Slimy secretion from snails is hot cake in most beauty industries today. Experts say snail slim is very rich in mucin extract which is very good in moisturizing the skin. It is also said that snail slim helps in reducing skin blemishes, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation too making your face look more young and vibrant.

9. Bull semen

Bull semen be highly rich in protein content, it has become a popular ingredient in hair products. Used particularly for dry or damaged hair, the semen is mixed with a plant called Katera and then applied to the hair.

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10. Placenta

How very gross even writing about it feels disgusting 🤢imagine eating your baby’s placenta. Well, the human placenta is a very hot commodity now in the beauty industry. If you are a big fan of keeping up with the Kardashians reality tv show Kim Kardashian after she gave birth to her son Saint West, she wrote an entire blog post about eating her placenta, which she had turned into pills. “I had to do it again,” she wrote. The placenta is loaded with proteins that can help strengthen the skin and hair however there are plant alternatives but the efficacy is not quite the same.

11. Wales vomit

Lots of people enjoy wearing designer perfumes made by the likes of Gucci, Dior, and Lanvin with us knowing that we are spritzing whale vomit on our body without even realizing it. A major ingredient found in most of these perfumes is a waxy substance called ambergris which is found in Wales vomit. Wales vomit has now become very famous in the perfume industry, regardless of its nasty origins. The value of the vomit lies in its scent, which becomes surprisingly sweet once it leaves the body.

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