Here comes another great opportunity of events for people who would like to add to their existing knowledge in their various fields and endeavors.

This article lists 5 upcoming events in Lagos for the months of May and June 2021.

1The West Africa LPG Expo

Organized by the Gas Academy together with Nigeria LPG Association, the 2nd West Africa LPG Expo and Conference is scheduled to hold on 23rd June, 2021 and 24th June, 2021.

This event is designed to create a platform for the local and international LPG community and to raise your international profile and leverage on the highly visible branding options available.

This event is very ideal for people in the power and energy sectors and it will create more networking opportunities.

The theme for this year is “Adapting for Sustainable Growth in Post Pandemic LPG Market”.

Be at the epicentre of Nigeria’s LPG discussion in the post-Covid-19 economic landscape where delegates can attain exclusive information on the latest technologies, new market dynamics, business visions through panel discussions, and peer-reviewed studies.

This conference will also gather all the major stakeholders of the LPG industry in West Africa.

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Venue : The Balmoral Exhibition Centre within the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

Date: 23rd June, 2021 – 24th June, 2021.

The ticket fee for various categories of people are listed below;

  1. The Attendees

262.07USD, which is equivalent to #107,097.5262

  1. The Exhibitor

1123.15USD, which is equivalent to #458,986.479

  1. The Visitors


2 Autoparts Expo Africa

The Automobiles Accessories industry has the ultimate objective of providing a good forum for existing and potential practitioners as well as other stakeholders in the automobile and allied businesses across the world to explore and exploit the potentials that abound in the industry in Nigeria.

It brings together major local and international vehicle manufacturers, Brand Representatives as well as policymakers in the road transport and automotive business in Nigeria and West Africa.

This event is organized by BKG Exhibitions Limited.

Venue : Federal palace hotel and casino

Date: 5th May, 2021 – 6th May, 2021.

3 Fire Expo West Africa

Organized by the Montgomery Media, Fire Expo West Africa is the only fire exhibition in West Africa and it will exhibit products for fire protection, prevention and detection.


This event will be offering attendees the opportunity to view the latest technology, products and solutions from across the global commercial, homeland, perimeter and cyber security industries in addition to fire and safety.

This event is ideal for those in the security, fire and defense sectors.

Venue: Landmark Events Centre

Date: 29th June, 2021 – 30th June, 2021.

4 International Conference of the Digital Humanities Association of Nigeria (ICDHAN)

Organized by the digital Humanities Association in Nigeria, this quarterly event is themed “Technology, Cultures, Politics and Social Re-Engineering: Reconfiguring the Human Sciences in the Age of Digital Revolution”.
The sub-themes are Human Sciences and Technology, Digital literacies and culture, African Cultures in the Age of Technology, Discourse, Communication and Smart Cities, Digitisation of Cultural Artifacts/Digital Archival, Digital Scholarship & Library Sciences, Knowledge-based Society and Human Sciences, Indigenous Languages & Digital Technology, Technology & Entrepreneurial Promotion.

Venue: UNILAG Nigeria
Date:13th May, 2021 – 14th May, 2021.

For more Enquiries, Send an email to nigeriadh@gmail.com. or icdhan2021@dhnigeria.org

Participation Fee:

Free of charge

Only participants interested in collecting certificate of attendance will pay 10, 000 Naira (25 US Dollars)

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This event is related to the building and construction sectors and it is an annual event , which gathers key buyers and manufacturers of ceramic, stone, brick, marble, tile, bathroom and kitchen products from around the world.

This event also aims to bring together the sector leader companies.

This is the second edition of the CERAMICA Expo and it also offers a broad educational agenda, with free to attend certified workshops.

This event will give you the following opportunities;

• Book in face-to-face appointments with key suppliers.
• discover the newest & trendy products and technologies
• Provide contact with new suppliers, customers, and business partners
• Network with your peers from across Nigeria & all around the world
• Stay up-to-date with emerging or changing market trends.

Venue: Landmark events Centre
Date: 19th May, 2021 – 21st May, 2021.

You can follow the link below to register.


To book a space for your exhibition, use the link below to register your booking.


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