Having Dark underarms and inner thighs can be very embarrassing sometimes. Dark underarms make some people feel very insecure about their body parts. Just like any skin disorder or blemishes makes people feel insecure about themselves so also does dark underarms do. It restricts the type of clothing you wear. Darker underarm skin can make some people feel very uncomfortable wearing sleeveless tops, armless dress, bikinis, and all kinds of revealing wears In public

Dark underarm and inner thighs are caused as a result of many reasons which may include the continuous use of deodorants, skin irritation, shaving, hyperpigmentation, smoking, hormonal changes, and many more.

Dark underarm

How can you stop dark underarms and inner thighs

  1. Always go for deodorants and antiperspirants made from natural ingredients. Your type of body deodorant may be the cause of your darker under the arm. If you notice such, try changing to another brand until you find your right match.
  2. Wear loose clothing, as this will reduce the level of abrasion on your skin surface. Tight clothing will only increase it more.
  3. Avoid smoking, a continuous smoking increase the production of the hormone melanosis. This hormone increases the occurrence of dark underarms and inner thighs.
  4. Reduce the rate at which you shave your underarms. Shaving always will cause abrasion on the skin, which will result in dark underarms.
  5. Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin away from the skin surface. Thereby making the region appear brighter.
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Natural ways to brighten your dark underarms and thighs



The use of Tumeric for skin brightening cannot be overemphasized. Tumeric can be used in removing discolorations and dark areas of the skin. How to make the Tumeric mask for your underarms and inner thighs. mix 1 teaspoon of Tumeric powder to 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice till you firm a paste. Apply the paste to the affected region and massage in a circular motion. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off with clean water. Repeat the same process until the dark sport clears off.



The use of lemon for clearing dark underarms is very effective as lemon can clear sports. Get your lemon fruit, cut into slices, use each slice to massage the dark areas. Do so in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Irish potatoes

Irish potatoe

Using potatoes for skin discolorations is one of the fastest natural ways to get rid of dark underarms and inner thighs. Get your potato, just one will do, grate the potatoes using your grater into a bowl. Apply the paste on the affected region and leave for a while. After 20 minutes rinse off with water.

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