Wearing the right type of earring accessories to match your outfit


Wearing of Earring is an acient practice which can be traced to about 3300Bc years ago. People wear earrings for different reasons such as religious, cultural, spiritual reasons and for the beauty of it.

Most people wear earrings based on their outfit choice, color, occasion and styles. When selecting your choice of earrings there are some rules and tips as regards to making a right choice.

Not wearing the right earrings can make your outfit look too loud, boring or too plain. A lot of confusion may arise when trying to make the right choice. There is a saying that no outfit looks complete without the right earrings to pair with it.

Reasons for wearing earrings

Picture of a Krishna Earring
Image by Jewel afair
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  1. Religious and spiritual reasons – wearing of jewelries plays symbolic roles in some tribes. Some people wear earrings because they feel it makes you have a deeper connection with God. Example a Christian would prefer buying an earring with the crucifix sign than to buy the one with Krishna sign or image on it.
  2. People wear earrings so as to look beautiful. There is a saying that wearing earrings helps increase your sense of alertness towards sounds and movements around you.
  3. Traditional and cultural reasons – some earrings tells what clan and tribe you belong to. It tells if you are married and what age group you are in too
  4. As a means of showing wealth, affluence and power. Example, there is a lot of prestige attached with wearing pure gold or even diamond. When seen with such jewelry you are being respected and seen as being rich.
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Factors to consider before choosing the right Earring

Picture showing Earring guide
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When looking for the right choice of earrings to wear for the right occasion some factors needs to be considered. They include :

  • Earrings should be worn for the right occasion. Example, it is not appropriate to wear a very big or flashy earring to a burial or workplace. As it will make you look very unserious.
  • Your earrings should match your face shape. We have different face types. Such as round, oval, diamond, heart ect. Longer earrings go better with a more round face. Smaller studs are best for oval faces.
  • Your earring should not go against your outfit but rather complement your dressing. Always Wear earrings that compliment the color of your dress.
  • Do not overdo it with your earrings. Sometimes wearing a big, flashy and expensive earring might not be right for that particular dress. A Sud might even be a more better option to go with your outfit.
  • It is advisable that your earrings matches with the rest of the accessories you are wearing. It makes it much easier for you.
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Guide to choosing the right Earring

Below you will find a pictorial guide on how to choose the right earring based on the face type.

Guide to choosing the right Earrings
Image by JustFab
Source link : https://pin.it/2suLOzr

I hope that with this guide you can stop wearing your earrings the wrong way now. Also you can always refer to the guide to know how well to combine your outfit with your earrings.

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