Wedding Dress Styles and The Body type They Complement


Weddings come once in a lifetime and most brides will want to have the best wedding dress to rock on this day.

However, it is important to note that your body type is essential in picking a gown. This is because they do not bring the same fitting on your body.

There are various types of wedding dress such as mermaid gowns, ball gowns, A-Line gown etc.

This article describes the wedding dress which suites your body type and will radiate confidence in you on your big day.

A Based on body types, we have;

1 The Rectangular bride

For this shape, you are lacking curves.
Also, you have slim hips and shoulders and long legs and this makes you look athletic

A princess ball gown or A-line are ideal for you as it will give you the illusion of curves.

However, for the neckline details, a sweetheart neck or a cowl neckline will do.

2 The Hourglass shaped bride

For this type of body shape, you’re lucky to have some fabulous curves and you won’t go wrong by showing them off.

For an hour glass shape, go for mermaid gown as it is the best way to flaunt your natural curves.
Mermaid gowns are fit and flare design and the best dress for your body shape.

The dress goes with the natural contour feminine of your chest, waist,hips and thighs and flare out below your knees.

Another detail that is worthy of note is the neckline cut. A sweetheart neckline is perfect for this wedding gown type.

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3 The Pear shaped bride

For the pear shaped, you’re slim on top but have a pronounced hip. Brides with this shape are characterized with a smaller chest and shoulder, wider hips and thighs.

An A-line dress is a good choice when you’re a Pear. Per adventure you are trying to hide those hips, stay away from extreme fit-and-flares. The fitted silhouette and full skirt will only accentuate your lower half.

Further more, to grace this type of figure, draw attention to the shoulder. You won’t go wrong with an off the shoulder weddding dress.

For the neckline details, a high or wide illusion neckline is perfect.

4 The Apple shaped bride

For this body type, you have a very large bust and a V-neckline dress will elongate your frame.
Complement your waist with a natural fit and let the lower part of your dress be a gradual flare.
Also, for this body type, a fit and flare wedding gown and a ball gown should be ruled out.

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B Gowns based on height differences

Considering the height, there are two extremes. You are either on the tall side or you are petite.

1 Petite brides: this are brides who are short than an average person. They have a narrow and small body shape.

For this shape, you should go for an A-line dress. This dress will ensure your waist is snatched and gives definition to your waist and bust.

For the neckline detail, a V-neck is great. This is because it will add height by creating an illusion of longer torso.

2 The tall bride: if you are a very tall bride, you can make your height less noticeable and balance it with width. This is achieved by wearing a ball gown.

C Gowns for plus sized brides.

Plus sized shaped women are the extra curvy and rounded women.
They are not classified as pear or apple shaped.
They have very robust having full bust, large waist as well as big hips.

For this shape, an A-line dress is the best option; you can complement with a v neck details.

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