Why do we need to train the body at all? Our body is so arranged that whenever possible to save energy, it will definitely take advantage of it. Hence, training is important.

There are vessels that carry blood to cells, and a constant need for protein and glucose, etc.

If the muscles are not used, or they are used little, the body does not see the point of spending energy on ensuring their work.

This is where the brain comes into play and gives the order to reduce the expenditure of resources on what is not being used.

Simply put, muscles weaken, joints get more stress, unused vessels go into hibernation, immunity becomes more vulnerable and much more.

Also, people want a beautiful figure, strengthening the heart, want to slow down the body’s natural aging, etc, and will purchase all kinds of medications supplement.

Meanwhile, the answer is in weight training! With simple, varied exercises, both at home and in the gym, one can strengthen all the muscles in the body evenly.

5 reasons to do resistance training

1. Useful for strengthening the muscles of the whole body and improving the figure

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Not all sports will develop the muscles in your body evenly. For example, jogging strengthens the muscles of the lower body more.

You would like to train all muscles, right? Then resistance training is perfect for you. Performing a set of exercises regularly – for both men and women – contributes to the development of all muscle groups.

Many women think that regular resistance training will guarantee a lot of muscle gain. This is not true! Such workouts will tone the muscles and guarantee you a slim figure. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

2. Good for the heart, circulation, and joints

During exercise, blood circulation becomes more intense than at rest, and this helps to strengthen the heart muscle.

Even better, when the blood rushes to the muscles, it not only provides them with everything they need (for example, oxygen) but also helps to eliminate toxins.

What other benefits are there? The repetitive movements that makeup resistance training are beneficial for the joints as they activate the lymph flow. This slows down the process of cellulite formation.

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3. Good for back muscles

Back problems are often associated with muscle pain. When the resistance exercises are performed correctly (in other words, all the muscles in the body are used during training), a muscular corset is formed that supports the spine. Strengthening your back muscles is essential if you want to prevent or reduce chronic back pain.

But it’s not just good for the back. The abdominal and lower back muscles play an important role not only in supporting the spine but also in strengthening the muscles of the thighs. Don’t forget about them too!

4. Prevents aging

If we do not strengthen muscles, after 40 years, muscle mass begins to break down. This is why it is so important to do the right exercises: they prevent muscle loss.

There is no age limit for these exercises, as long as you select them in accordance with the state of your body. It is beneficial for older people to do light exercise, as it keeps muscles in good shape, allows them to stay in good shape for longer and to self-serve.

Combining resistance training with healthy nutrition also strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.

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5. Good for the brain

There is nothing better than playing sports after a hard day at work. Physical activity promotes the release of endorphins. This is the so-called happiness hormone, which is produced by the brain and has a natural sedative effect, which helps to overcome daily stress.

Regular resistance training can help you shape, maintain muscle tone and lead a healthy lifestyle. In a nutshell, the main task is to feel better in your own body and be more confident in yourself. This is extremely important for our society, which pays so much attention to appearance, and for your well-being.

Well, have we convinced you? Modern weight training is no longer a minor sport. They have become one of the most important links to a healthy lifestyle. Practice wherever and with whom you want – and then you will definitely have a good time and practice at a speed that is convenient for you. After all, we are all different! Do not forget to rest, this is necessary for muscle recovery after training.

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