What are the 7 most used musical instruments?


A Flemish harpsichord in the style of the Ruckers family - 3D render.

The approach to the study of a musical instruments very often follows, in addition to the musical preferences developed with listening. Also the trends of diffusion of the same during the various historical periods. Let’s find out the 7 most used musical instruments in popular music.


In the world of organology, which is the study of musical instruments in all their manifestations and families of belonging. Different musical genres have always required the presence of a certain type of sound to make the most of the atmospheres and the structure of certain tracks. Popular music, as well as classical music, up to the manifestations of more evident energy such as rock, has always been nourished by the participation of well-known musical instruments. Let us examine the seven most used musical instruments:

1. Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is the preparatory instrument par excellence. It is used for the study of dozens of different musical genres. It is one of the most accessible chordophones for children and young people, from which it is often used to learn the rudiments of written and played music.

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Classical Guitar

2. Recorder

The recorder is easily recognized by the fact that it is taught in elementary, middle, and sometimes even higher schools if you choose music as a subject. It represents a member of the wind family, very flexible in sound and quick to learn: with a few weeks of practice, the musician who chooses the recorder can already try some virtuosity by applying personal embellishments to the melodies he plays.


3. Violin

The violin, chosen for its features and sounds as a prestigious musical instrument and refined musicians. It is as popular in mass culture as it is among students who want to learn to express themselves in a more harmonious and melodious way. It finds application in various musical fields, including the popular one, a factor that has contributed to its spread all over the world.


4. Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is the essential complement to any song performed with a group or in a session with other musicians. Even the bass in its two forms, electric or acoustic, has a respectable place among the most popular instruments. Thanks to the possibility it offers to build beautiful grooves and keep the rhythm paired with an expert drummer, of which they can be emphasized the potential.

Bass Guitar

5. Keyboard

The electronic keyboard, which has risen to prominence to efficiently reproduce the sounds of a classic piano. Adding the typical effects of musical instruments dedicated to the disco, trance, and hip hop musical genres. It is very popular among young and old. Who use it to embellish melodies play with classical instruments either alone or in the studio, to create your songs.


6. Ukulele

The ukulele is a representative of the family of stringed musical instruments designed specifically for those with a small body but a great desire to play. It consists of a small case and an equally small neck on which four strings are stretched. Used across different genres, including pop and rock. The ukulele is rising more and more in the tastes of musicians.


7. Harpsichord

The harpsichord is a variant of the piano in which the sound, instead of percussion, is generated by plucking each of the strings inside the body of the instrument. It quickly regained its share among artists looking for the typical sounds of baroque rock for their performances. With the addition of a personality and a touch unknown in modern music.

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