What is the difference between piano and keyboard?

So you decided on the world of keys but want to know if there is a difference between piano and keyboard?

Both are great tools to learn. Unlike stringed instruments like acoustic guitar or guitar, you don’t have so many difficulties assembling chords, there is no need to “harden your fingers”, etc.

But a keyboard and a piano have many differences between them, although many think that whoever plays the piano will play the keyboard and vice versa. Got confused? Calm that we already explain.

How are the two instruments different?

But how is a piano different from a keyboard? We list some of these differences here. Knowing this is important for you to choose which instrument to learn.

Keyboard Lessons vs Piano Lessons

About their sounds

The main difference between these instruments is that the piano contains a single timbre. Meanwhile, the keyboard has several.

On the keyboard, you can simulate instruments like guitar, harmonica, flute, guitar, trumpet, drums and there are even piano sounds. These are pre-recorded sounds that are inserted into the keyboard’s memory. While the piano has only the piano sound.

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So, if you want to learn keys and want to create arrangements, sing and play, play with sounds of the piano, organ, etc., the keyboard is the most suitable. If you want to play classical music (classical music) the piano is the most recommended.

Key weight

Another difference between piano and keyboard is the keys.

The keys on the keyboard are soft to play, whereas the keys on the piano are tougher. The piano has heavier keys, so to speak.

So, if you learn to play the piano or keyboard, this is an element that will weigh in your decision.

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Keyboards are ideal for arrangements

Keyboards have accompaniment. This means that you can play and program a drum and other instruments to accompany you. That is why many musicians are so keen on keyboards.

But he is also nice for those who do solo performances of any musical style. You can program an entire “band” to accompany you.

The difference in their structures

While a keyboard is an electronic instrument, with recorded sounds inserted into it, the piano is a musical instrument with strings.

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Even though both have keys, there are differences in the way of playing (you can play the keyboard while standing, but the same is not indicated when playing the piano, and you should be seated on a bench at an appropriate time), in the repertoire, etc.

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You will need technical development to play the piano

Anyone who wants to learn to play the piano should keep in mind that technical development is necessary.

Here there is a great need for musical sensitivity to transform a melody. This means that you must study and practice a lot to develop precise intensity points so that you can vividly play pieces, with feeling.

You cannot study one instrument with another

If you are taking piano lessons, then you will need to have an instrument or borrow one. If you are playing the keyboard, it is important to purchase one.

Even though the two instruments appear to be the same, you cannot study the piano on the keyboard or study the keyboard with a piano. If you do that, all you will be able to do is learn chords, but the technique needed for both is not.

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It is worth saying that investing in a much cheaper keyboard. There are cheap keyboards that are ok to start studying. A piano, on the other hand, usually costs 10, 20, or 30 times more than a keyboard. But there is a possibility to purchase a used piano (by revising beforehand).



Before investing, know if this is the instrument you want to learn. There are many cases of students who started with one instrument and then found out that they wanted to study another. 

So we recommend that you borrow an instrument and start studying with it. So, when you’re sure about the one you want to learn and play, then you get yours.

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