What not to wear to an interview to create a lasting impression


First impression they say matters a lot. There are a number of reasons why you need to pay close attention to what you wear to a job interview.

The first is making a good impression on your interviewer and anyone at the workplace you meet. First impressions are critical, so your appearance will say a lot about your personality and level of professionalism. 

Ultimately, you want to stand out as a top candidate with the right skills while not turning off the interviewer with your outfit or attire choices. What you wear should complement and enhance your professional skills and experience.

You should try to avoid wearing the following items to a job interview due to their inappropriate or distracting nature

1 Casual clothing

When you have been shortlisted for an interview, it is important to choose your outfits carefully. You should endeavour to dress in professional attire and not casuals.

Casual dress may mean something different to different people, but there are some clothing that are considered too casual and things you should avoid.
Casual outfits includes wearing T-shirts, especially with art or wording. Graphic T-shirts can be distracting because the employer’s eyes will be drawn to the design instead of the person wearing the shirt. Casuals also include Denim and jeans should be avoided because it appears unprofessional in most settings.

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T shirt and ripped denim

2 Clothing that does not fit the company’s culture.
 Getting to research on the company before attempting to choose something from your wardrobe is also important . Getting a sense of the company culture is incredibly important to get a good feel for what appropriate attire will be. Coming into a company either overdressed or underdressed can be a deterrent during an interview.
Feeling inappropriately dressed can decrease your confidence during an interview and might make your recruiter or hiring manager to have a second guess if you’re the right fit for the company. If you do your research ahead of time, you can avoid this easily.

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3 Sandals or flip-flops

While you may be relaxed while wearing this type of footwear, it does not look professional.
It is important to wear shoes that complement your outfit and also fit well. When you wear shoes that are difficult or awkward to walk in, you will act uncomfortable during your job interview so invest in footwear you will feel good walking in and wearing in the workplace.

Also be sure your heels aren’t too high or that you’re not wearing an old, damaged shoe either. If you choose to purchase new shoes for your job interview, be sure to wear them in a little first. Not only will this avoid blisters, but it will help you walk more confidently and ensure the bottoms are not slippery.

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Flip flops and sandals

4 Do not wear heavy Perfume; try to go
Light on them

Take it easy on the perfume as you never know if your interviewer might have an allergy or aversion to strong scents. Either way, you don’t want your overwhelming spray of perfume or cologne to be the the first or last thing your interviewer notices about you


5 Don’t Overdo Your Makeup

While it’s important to look your best, loading on makeup is not the ideal way to go about it. Keep your look natural by avoiding dark eyeshadow, bright lipstick, or heavy foundation. Your best bet is to stick with a light coat of mascara, a touch of powder, and some tinted lip balm.

Heavy makeup

6 Keep Accessories to a Minimum

Both women and men should keep accessories to a minimum. Ladies should avoid excess jewelry; instead of big hoops or chandelier earrings, classic studs should be used.
Also, Steer clear of distracting jewelry, such as overly large earrings, and choose simple pieces that complement your outfit. Noisy bracelets or bangles could cause a distraction during your interview.

Try not to be too flashy and not too distracting
Keep the noisy or chunky jewelry for another occasion.

While accessories aren’t so much of an issue for men, it’s important to be mindful of your cufflinks, your tie clip, and your belt.

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Chandelier earings

7 Flashy clothes or colours

You have to be gentle with colours selection as you want to make a memorable impression in your interview, but wearing bright and flashy clothes is not the way as you will want your skills and qualifications to shine, rather than your wardrobe.
Basic colors are the most reliable and safe options you can go with to show your professionalism.
There are exceptions to this rule, however.
For creative positions such as design, art, fashion, or jobs that require clothing statements, this rule will not apply.

Flashy colour/clothes

8 Headwear

Hats are a definite a no no for a professional job interview. This means hats, beanies, and hoods. Additionally, earbuds or headphones should be kept in your purse or pocket, as they are distracting and can come off as rude. The last thing you want to do is give the job interviewer the impression that you aren’t interested in what they have to say.
The only exception to headwear is for individuals who wear headwear for religious or cultural purposes.

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