Butt shape comes in handy when you are trying to decide on what type of dress to buy. Just as there is a need to know the cup size of your breast when buying a new bra.

You must know what type of butt you have as it makes shopping for a new outfit easier. Just like every other part of your body like your boobs, everybody has a butt that is unique to the person.

As you read through this article, you will read about the different types of butt shapes we do have. The size and shape of your but are dependent on the ratio between your body parts. Such as the hips, thighs, and waist.

According to reports by a cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Olga Bachilo he grouped butt sizes into four major parts :

  • The Heart shaped butt
  • The Round shaped butt
  • The inverted v shaped butt
  • The square shaped butt
  • Pear shaped butt
Butt types
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Types of Butt shape

Heart shape butt

The heart-shaped butt can also be called the shape butt too. It is one of the most common types found in most women. Some people also refer to it as the pear butt Owing to its shape. People having this type of butt are likely to gain more weight around their midsection as they get older.

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A heart-shaped butt has a smaller waistline and fat around the lower part of its butt. Wearing pants with a high waist and larger leg holes is the best option.

Round butt

People having this butt tends to have a more rounded butt. This type is more prone to having cellulite fat around it due to the even fat distribution around the butt cheeks.

When choosing your underwear for this type look for underwear that can cover the entire butt area. High waist trousers and bootcut jeans are a great choice for this butt type.

Inverted V shape butt

This butt type Is mostly common amongst the elderly. According to Dr. Schulman, he said that when the line is your pelvis area and hips shape inward your butt will take a V shape.

People with this butt type have their backside looking like it’s sagging. Wearing jeans with pockets will make your butt not look so flat. Also, boyfriend jeans with high-cut leg holes are a great choice for this butt type.

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Square butt

This type can also be referred to as the H-shaped butt. It has excess fat around the hip corners and lowers but too.

People having this type, their butt seems to have a straight line from their hips down to the cheek of the butt. Wearing a high waist pant can be very comfortable for this butt type. Also, wear underwears that ride up to your hip area.

Pear butt

This is regarded as the best and most perfect butt type. Women having this butt type tend to have their butts widen below the hip bones according to a cosmetic doctor Dr. Schulman.

Wearing underwear having high cut legs and larger leg holes is perfect for this butt type.

Interesting facts to know about your Butt shape.

  1. With time your butt can change its shape. This is mostly caused as a result of hormonal changes and aging too. As time goes on their will be changes in your body due to an increase and decrease in weight. This can change the shape of your butt.
  2. Your butt shape is determined by some factors such as muscle, hip bones, and pelvis.
  3. During pregnancy your butt shape avn change over time. This is a result of the accumulation of fat around the butt
  4. After getting to the age of menopause your butt shape can also change. This is due to the drop in your estrogen levels. When it drops fat around the butt gets redistributed once again thereby causing more changes.
  5. Doing regular exercise such as squats can help change the look of your butt also. Tweaking regularly also can help make your butt protrude out better too.
  6. You can change and enhance the shape of your butt surgically. This is done by inserting silicone into the butt. Also, fats can be removed from areas where they are not needed and transferred to areas where they are needed.
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No matter your butt type all that matters is you feeling very confident about your butt because all butt types are perfect.

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