What You Need To know: Questions and Answers


One can be in a dilemma if you are not getting answers to urgent questions. It could be a worst-case scenario if no one around you can provide answers to these questions. You need not worry, we have answers to the most searched questions in Nigeria in 2021. Here you go:

1.  When is Lent 2021?

The 2021 lent period will begin with Ash Wednesday on 17 February, 2021 and ends a day before Easter Sunday on Saturday 3rd April, 2021.

2. When is Palm Sunday 2021?

The Palm Sunday 2021 comes up on Sunday 28th March, 2021.

3. When is Good Friday 2021?

The Good Friday for 2021 is on Thursday 2nd April, 2021.

4. When is Easter Sunday 2021?

The Easter Sunday for 2021 is on Sunday 5th April, 2021.

5. When is Easter Monday 2021?

The Easter Monday for 2021 comes up Monday 5th April, 2021.

6. When is a Christmas public holiday in 2021?

The Christmas comes up on Saturday 25th December 2021, Christmas public holiday should be on Friday 24t h December and Monday 27th December, 2021.

7. When is Ramadan 2021?

The Ramadan 2021 will start in the evening of 13th April, 2021 and ends in the evening of 12th May, 2021.

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8.  When are Muslim holidays 2021?

a. Id-el -Fitr; Id -el-Fitr marks the end of the Ramadan season. The Holiday will come up on 12th May and 13th May 2021.

b. Id-el-Kabir; Id-el-kabir commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice is only son. The holiday is on Tuesday 20th July and 21st July, 2021.

c. Al-Hijra; It is the first month of the Islamic calendar and a time of remembrance and mourning.It will hold on Tuesday 10th August, 2021.

d. Id-el-Maulud; Id-el-Maulud marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammed, the holiday holds on Tuesday 20th October, 2021.

9. When is Jamb 2021 registration starting?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board will begin the registration for 2021 UTME and Direct Entry on 8th April till 15th May, 2021.

10. When is Waec 2021 registration starting?

The West African Examination Council begins the 2021 offline registration from 15th February till 15th March, 2021, while the online registration is from 16th March to 31st March 2021.

11. When is Waec GCE registration 2021?

The WASSCE Private Candidate known as Waec GCE 2021 registration First Series begins on 29th December, 2020 till 17th March, 2021. The date for the Second Series will be announced soon.

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12. What is Neco result checker site?

Go to Neco website on https://result.neco.gov.ng/ to check your Neco Examination result.

13. What is Waec result checker site?

Go to Waec website on https://www.waecdirect.org/ to check your Waec Examination result.

14. What is Jamb result checker site?

Go to Jamb website on https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility_/CheckUTMEResults to check your Jamb Examination result. Also, you can check it through your phone by sending RESULT to 55019 with the registered phone number during registration.

15. When is Valentine’s Day 2021?

The Valentine’s Day always comes up on 14th February every year. The Valentine’s Day 2021 is on Sunday 14th February, 2021.

16. What is the code to check your BVN on your phone?

Dial *556*0# on your mobile phone your 11 digits Bank Verification Number (BVN) will appear on phone screen. Please note that service charge may applied.

17. What is the code to check your NIN on your phone?

Dial *346# to retrieve your National Identification Number (NIN). This service is available on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE. Please note that service charge may applied.

18. What is the code to link your NIN to your MTN number?

Dial *785# on the Mtn number you wish to link, enter your NIN, and then SUBMIT. Or dial *785*NIN# on the phone number you want to link.

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19. What is the code to link your NIN to your GLO number?

Dial *109*NIN# on the Glo number you wish to link.

20. What is the code to link your NIN to your AIRTEL number?

Dial *121*1 on the Airtel line your what to link, enter your NIN, and then SUBMIT.

21. What is the code to link your NIN to your 9MOBILE number?

Dial *200*8# to link your NIN to your 9mobile number.

22. What is the code to check your MTN number?

Dial *636# or *123*1*# to your Mtn line to get your number.

23. What is the code to check your GLO number?

Dial * 135*8# on your Glo line to get your number

24. What is the code to check your AIRTEL number?

Dial *121# on your Airtel line, press 3 for Account Info,  then press 4 for  Check My Phone Number to display your number on your phone screen.

25 What is the code to check your 9MOBILE number?

Dial *248# on your 9mobile line, your number will show on your phone screen.

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