Why all this fuss about the trending Bone straight hair


Bone straight hair is the type of hair that is sleek, straight, and well knotted from the top to the bottom.

This type of hair has gained so much popularity amongst other types of hair Owing to its nature and the hype.

The Bone straight is a type of hair that most girls admire and dream to own. This hype has made it to be one of the most expensive categories of hair to own.

Why Bone straight hair?

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As introduced earlier bone straight hair is the type of hair that is sleek, straight, and well knotted from the top to the bottom.

This hair looks well-layered like it has been ironed flat down and it stays that way for life. This is due to the fact that it has been heated and steam straightened giving it that nature.

That being established so why then do people crave to own bone straight hair?. Why do ladies want to spend lots of money to own this hair?. What’s the feeling like when you wear this hair?.

After doing proper research on this hair type here are some features you should know about this hair. The Bone straight shares some features to the natural hair probably that’s the reason for the hype.

Features of the bone straight hair include:

  • Very straight and sleek like that of the straight natural hair
  • It does not tangle very easily.
  • This hair is very easy to handle and manage
  • It does not hold curls very well due to its nature
  • It is very thin and sleek at the same time too

Having known all these features of bone straight hair why do ladies crave to own one and what is the feeling like?

To some ladies they feel wearing this hair makes them feel more classy. While to some others it makes them feel much more appreciated and admired more.

Are there different types of Bone straight hair?

Well yes there are majorly 3 categories of this hair which are :

S/NHair types Differentiating Features
1Single drawn – It is the cheapest type
– This hair consists of multiple hairs of different lengths
– It feels much fuller from the top but trappers down to the bottom making it look very thin and scanty.
2Double drawn– This type falls in the middle class. It is more expensive than single drawn hair.
– The hair is usually of the same length
– It is very full and thick at the middle and bottom. It is not as full as the super double drawn hair
3Super double drawn– This is the most expensive class of bone straight human hair.
– They are all of equal length
– It is very full and thick from top to bottom giving it’s very classy feel
Types of bone straight

How do you tell a fake bone straight from an original one?

With the craze about bone straight hair, there will be a lot of dupes and fake ones out there. How then do you know that you have got the original one?. Well here’s a simple test you can do

  • Try using a curling iron to curl it, if the curls fall flat and do not retain curls it is original.
  • Also, check out to see if the hair is flat from the top to the bottom. Unlike wavey hair which isn’t flat from the top to the bottom.
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How much does it cost to own one today

Even though this hair has gained so much popularity amongst others how much does it cost to buy one.

The current market value of bone straight hair ranges from 50,000 Naira to 350,000 Naira in Nigeria currency. The price range depends on how full it is, the weight, and also the quality of the hair.

How do you care for such expensive hair?

  1. Like I mentioned earlier this type of hair tangles less which makes it very easy to maintain at the same time too.
  2. It is advisable to use a hair straightener instead of a flat iron so you don’t ruin the hair texture. Note:- You should never use the normal pressing iron for your hair, it does more harm than good.
  3. Learn to use the right type of comb or brush for this type of hair. Also when combing this hair comb from the tail to the top.
  4. When washing the hair learn to work in sections, wash the hair with neutralizing hair shampoo and hair conditioner.
  5. Finally learn to always go gently when working with this type of hair.
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So having known all this is the bone straight hair worth the hype?. Do you see it as something you will like to own very soon?. How much are you willing to let go in other to buy yourself one?. Do let us know in the comments section down below 🤗🤗🤗

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