Why you should incorporate Rose water in your makeup routine

The use of Rose water has gained popularity now for a while especially amongst the Koreans.

The frequent use of rose water on the face skin and hair has some good benefits that cannot be overlooked.

This article talks about the benefits of using this and its right applications and usage

What really is rose water

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Rose water can be derived by the immersion of rose petals into a boiling water to extract its good stuff.

The extracts gotten from the rose petals carries the rich properties of the rose plants which not only has beauty benefits but also health too.

When it comes to skin care this can be used on all skin types. It offers tonning, hydrating and Moisturizing properties all in one.

Benefits of rose water

As being said earlier rose extract has lots of beauty and health benefits being attached to it. Below are some listed benefits of using it.

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Health / Medical benefits

  • It helps in providing relief from headaches. This is due to its ability to calm your nerves and reduce stress too.
  • It helps with stopping indigestion. The antioxidant rich properties makes it very effective in treating indigestion
  • Heals wounds faster. Rosewater is also rich in antibacterial properties which helps n healing wounds and cuts much faster.
  • Provides a faster relief from sore throat due to its high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too.
  • Gives a soothing relief to the body when used. It has the ability to calm your nerves. Reports have it that rose extract is found to be very rich in reducing depression and anxiety too.

Beauty benefits

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  • Helps with reducing skin discolorations resulting from skin redness, sunburns too.
  • It helps with providing a relief from skin irritation too. The properties of this makes it very effective in reducing issues arising from skin irritation.
  • Helps with skin infections. As earlier said the consistent use of rose water can stop issues arising from skin irritation. The high antimicrobial and anti bacteria properties makes it very effective against them.
  • It is very effective in treating acne related issues and scars away from the face
  • Reports have it That using rose water too can help with reducing and fading awaythe appearance of strech marks away.
  • It helps is recovering your youthful glow. It has high anti-aging properties which helps make you appear younger.
  • Good for hydrating the skin,rose water helps with moisturizing your skin and prevents it from excess dryness.
  • It helps maintains and balances the pH levels of your skin. Also it helps with maintaining a balance with the natural oils on your skin.
  • It reduces the amount of oil and dirts clogged up on your pores and reduces the pores size too.
  • This can also help tighten your skin too by closing up the pores of the skin.
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How to add rose water to your beauty regimen

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  1. Start by cleaning your face properly using your face wash. This helps gets rid of excess dirts away from your skin.
  2. Use a natural cleanser to clean of dirt residues away from your face too.
  3. Spray some rose water to your skin. This can help ast as a toner and a moisturizer too at the same time. There you have it your face will remain refreshed all day.

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