Reasons why you should throw away your old makeup products


Often we are always fun of using expired and old makeup products. Like every other thing, cosmetic products and their tools have expiration dates. The continuous use of these expired products can lead to lots of issues resulting in breakouts and infections. Most of the breakouts are usually caused by bacterial and fungal molds found on those products.

You don’t have to wait for your products to get expired before throwing them out. So how do you now know when exactly to throw out your old makeup.

How do you know when to throw away old makeup

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When Your products stay for a while and later on start to smell funny then it’s time to throw them away. This is most common to lipsticks, lips gloss, and stains after a while they start smelling different. You should discard all old lipsticks as they can harbor bacteria and fungal which is responsible for the bad smell.

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When the color of your cosmetics starts to change its is most likely turning bad. This is most common in Eyeshadows, powder palettes, and blushes. After a while, it starts changing color making it look very awkward when you apply it to your face. You should discard such products.


When bacteria and fungi start building up on your products it reduces the texture. Your makeup starts separating especially in the foundation you should throw away. Also if you notice your Eyeshadow and Blush no more pops out like before, it is time to throw it away.


Some makeup products do not need to be used for a very long period. For some their duration maybe 1 month or two months or even more. You should always be very conscious of the duration of your makeup products.

Some makeup products and their duration

S/nMakeup products Duration
1Mascara Replace after every 2 – 3 months
2Liquid Eyeliner Replace after every 2 – 3 months
3Foundation Discard after 1 year
4Concelaer Discard after 1 year
5Eyeshadow Throw away after 1 – 2 years
6Blush 1 – 2 years
7Lipsticks aand lip glossThrow out after 8 months
8Makeup brushes Replace after 2 years depending on the product
9Makeup foamsReplace after 3 months
Duration for your personal make up products

Effects of using expired and old makeup products.

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  • It causes acne breakouts
  • Rashes may occur
  • Inflammation of the skin
  • It can cause skin infections
  • Skin breakouts

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